Vedic astrology is an unparalleled tool which helps you in discovering your own self, as well as in finding your life purpose. Don’t repeat the same mistakes all the time. Understand your life lessons with the help of wisdom of the planets, and move forward towards harmony.



By designing your home with the help of ancient vedic science of Vastu you not only bring more balance and prosperity to your life, but also solve many problems. Space in which you live affects your mind, mood, prosperity and vibrations everyday. Bring there more harmony.



Above all, the harmony starts within us. It starts in your mind, in your heart and in your breath. Learn ancient vedic techniques to balance your mind, your energetic body and your chakras. Reconnect with the Higher Harmony within you and experience how your whole life manifests harmony.

Everything is connected.

Each of your chakras is connected to one of the planets. Five elements in nature are present also within your body. Our inner universe is a reflection of a greater universe and a part of a bigger whole. The ancient knowledge of jyotish, vedic astrology, allows us to find our true place in universe and thus experience more harmony: with ourselves, with others and with life itself.

Your home is a metaphor of your life.

Our living space perfectly reflects the state of our mind. We always attract apartments and houses with vibrations and limitations similar to ours. By healing the defects of certain living space and creating a space full of harmony, we bring more harmony into our lives, attracting prosperity, spiritual vibrations and fulfilling relationships.

Izabela from Poland says...

“Vastu and Jyotish analyses that I received from Achala and Govindadas appeared to be not only an interesting tool for self-inquiry, but also pushed me towards making some significant changes in my life. After so many years of living in apartment, in which I never felt really fulfilled, I finally decided to move out and find a place that is providing now better support for my needs.”

Achala and Govindadas here. We do professional Vastu analyses and Jyotish readings, as well as comprehensive meditation courses. In this little universe of ours we wish to share with you some of the vast vedic knowledge, that we managed to grasp, as well as to offer you our services.

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