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Vedic astrology is an unparalleled tool that helps you in discovering your own self, as well as in finding your life purpose. Don’t repeat the same mistakes all the time – understand your life lessons with the help of wisdom of the planets, and move forward towards harmony.


By designing your home with help of ancient vedic science of Vastu you can not only bring more balance and prosperity to your life, but also solve many problems. Space in which you live affects your mind everyday. Don’t wait any longer – bring there more harmony.


We give our utmost care to each of our clients. We offer you not only Jyotish and Vastu analysis, but also consulting and coaching for families (as well as individual clients), financial advising and 3D projects for building Vastu houses. All to help you in coming back to harmony.

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Our passion for Vastu and Jyotish connected us together. We experience daily how this ancient vedic science helps us to experience more deep relationship and live more fulfilled life. Unique combination of knowledge of vedic astrology, vastu and psychology, that we use in our work, not only gives us deeper insight in our everyday life, but also helps in solving all kind of problems in much easier way.

This is, what we wish to share with you: knowledge of how to come back to your own harmony.

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Our mission is your return to harmony, with the help of vedic science of Vastu and Jyotish.

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Vastu and Jyotish analysis that I received from Achala and Govindadas appeared to be not only an interesting tool for self-inquiry, but also pushed me towards making some significant changes in my life. After so many years of living in apartment, in which I never felt really fulfilled, I finally decided to move out and find a place that will provide better support for my needs.

Izabela Wójtowicz Izabela Wójtowicz