Sri Yantra – From Human to Divine

Sri Yantra from human to divine Govindadas' impressions from recent Sri Yantra courses Sri Yantra is a symbol, which is widely known today. However, very few know what Sri Yantra really is and what it represents. Even I thought that I knew a...

Full Moon in Shravana nakshatra

Full Moon is a special day in a month, when we experience the culmination of energy and our inner processes. The energy gets the strongest on that day, and even on physical level water in our organisms gets more turbulent. Some people handle it nicely, others not so...

New Moon in Pushya nakshatra

New Moon is as special as the Full Moon is, and plays an important role in Vedic astrology. Unlike the Full Moon, which enhances the water element in our body and mind, as well as the qualities of the nakshatra it dwells in, New Moon decreases our water element, and...

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